Hello there blog – It sure has been a while!

Wow, the last 3 weeks have pretty much been non-stop. We’ve been working and working and working. And, in the middle of it all we moved into a new apartment! Exhausted to say the least.

BUT! We’ve made it. We have been officially (by our own terms) initiated into this great city by surviving our first apartment. Up until a few weeks ago, whenever someone would ask me how we like New York, I always responded with “It’s been great! We love it here!” And then the follow up question… “How’s your apartment?” Ugh, I hated this question. Our apartment was awful. It was moldy, it leaked, it squeaked. The neighbor upstairs would play fetch with their pit bull at odd hours of the night. When you opened the windows cigarette smoke and the smell of fried food would overwhelm you. Illegally wired outlets. It’s now all in the past.

We love our new place. Even though we only moved from 4th to 6th avenue on the same street- What a difference 2 blocks can make! It’s quieter, it’s cleaner, it’s 2 blocks closer to Luigi’s, it’s sunnier, it’s bigger. I could go on and on. We already feel like we’re home here. And that is such a great feeling.

Since we both had today off, I made a little dinner in our little oven. Fish, potatoes gratin, swiss chard. Delicious.